World Wide Photographics | About
World Wide Photographics
Is a photography firm that services only corporations and industrial manufactures.
We photograph exclusively on site equipment, executive portraits and aerial photography,
with a creative eye towards annual reports, advertising and promotional use.

Our Policy:
There is never a charge for airfare to the airport nearest your location. You never pay for your photography.

The Formula Is Simple:
You supply us with a list of the project OEM vendors such as pumps, motors, steel, tubes etc. Any
supplier that makes the project work. We will bring vendors on board to do their photography
at a reduced corporate rate. By grouping all of the vendors into one photo shoot there is no
charge for photography that's ever billed to your company. You will receive photographs from each
of the vendors at... NO CHARGE.. We get paid by the vendor. All of our photography is submitted
to each vendor on an acceptance approval basic. If they don't like our photography, they pay nothing.

As stated above, our approach is simple~ It's a win-win-win for your
company, your vendors and World Wide Photographics.
We take care of all of the logistics, correspondence scheduling and deliveries.
It all starts with a list of vendors from you.

Photography Usage
All of your photography is copyright released to your company and to each vendor.
The photographs can be put into the company library for future use in annual reports,
advertising, newsletters and promotions etc. Each time a vendor uses their photographs
your company can be mentioned and promoted in their advertising at no cost to you.

My Name is Paul Trace, owner of World Wide Photographics. I've been doing commerical
photography for 40 years. My photographic assignments have taken me from 4 months
on the antenna of the Empire State Building, to corporate offices, to aircraft carriers and
to the covers of many trade magazines and annual reports. Our simple approach has
worked for many fortune 500 companies.

Let's get started on your project, it's just a phone call away.

609. 420. 2669